Perfect Imperfection

Perfect Imperfection

The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty within and embracing imperfection. It is both a way of living and an aesthetic within design. 

Wabi is simplicity and the authenticity in imperfection. Sabi is the ephemeral beauty that comes with the passage of time.

It is a way of thought that can be challenging to embrace in today's tech-heavy lifestyles. With Photoshop, filters, endless technology and a one-click checkout, we've become accustomed to abundance and the expectation of perfection. Perfection in products and flawlessness in people. With this mindset, the essence of authenticity tends to get lost as does finding the joy in simple living.

Though it draws on the fact that everything in life is impermanent, both human and material, we have taken the sari and given it continued life through new form. Saris that have come with stories and signs wear. With slight variances and imperfections in each piece, we offer a new view from the conventional perception of beauty + function.

Wabi-sabi serves as a reminder to slow down, to embrace simplicity and the natural beauty around us in all it’s perfect imperfections. Today, perhaps more than ever, after the pause, we've become aware of the benefits of slowing down and simplifying. Rediscovering our surroundings and giving notice to the beauty, imperfections and all. We are mending the cracks and giving new chances while choosing to leave some untouched to allow the light to get it.

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