A Reason to the Rhyme

A Reason to the Rhyme

I have vivid memories of sitting on the bed, admiring my mother drape herself in a sari and patiently perfecting the pleats so that they would fall just right. I was her assistant, collecting and holding on to the accordion of fabric at the bottom while she’d gather them to the perfect height before tucking the pleats into her waist. It was somewhat of an orchestral doing. Not to be rushed. It did take a moment, as she was not in the habit of wearing a sari on a regular basis. We were living in Montréal and the only real time for dressing in a sari was during the festive season or a special occasion. 


I was fascinated by everything about the sari. The stunningly bright colors, the intricate detail in the hand embroidery, elaborate patterned boarders, and the way the fabric looked and felt. Unlike her regular day to day attire, my mother had a specific section in the wardrobe dedicated for her saris. The very special ones were kept safely folded and tucked in thin cotton casings. Each one was a small treasure. I had a few favorites. A deep chocolate silk with a beautiful azure and golden embroidered border. There was a simple, yet regal peacock blue sari with golden threads. But the sari that I remember most fondly, is one that I named The Royal Garden. It is unique and was perhaps a contemporary piece for the 80’s. A delicate ‘parrot’ green silk organza with handprinted florals in white with pink and violet accents. All tied together with delicate golden threaded embroidery. Everything about it was perfect. It was airy and feminine with the perfect pops of colour. I loved it. When asked, I would always choose for her to wear that one. 


Years later, when I was moving away, my mother gifted me one of her saris. It was the chocolate silk. It was unexpected and I was touched. She hadn’t worn it in years and thought I’d find better use for it. For a couple of years, I simply held on to it. Eventually, I re-crafted it into a cocktail gown which I’d go on to wear numerous times - (not one to shy away from wearing the same outfit on several occasions) and long before the #reware and #30wearschallenge. Reflecting on it now, that was perhaps the beginning of Bella Mews, I just hadn’t realized it.


Still enamored by the sari, I continue to find ways to repurpose them. There are no longer pleats or draping, but it is still the sari - simply in a new form.

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