Play Dress-Up

Play Dress-Up

Playing dress-up is a part of so many childhood memories. Across the world, children spend much of their playtime dressing up in costumes, in treasures from their parents' wardrobes or crafting crowns and capes. They imagine themselves as various characters and play make-believe, dreaming up fantastical stories and finding great joy along the way. Children are uninhibited. They dress up as they please, mixing and matching colors and prints that bring them joy. They are unconcerned with trends and are not seeking 'likes' or comments on their look of the day. They dress for themselves and are content with just that.

As adults, we still enjoy the act of dressing up. Now more than ever, we are looking for reasons and occasions to dress up. We’ve been waiting to wear the special items that have been hanging quietly at the back of our closets and the accessories that have served more as decorative items on our dressers. The truth is, there is no need to wait for a particular reason. If dressing up brings joy, then why wait? Let’s bring on the happy!

What I have grown increasingly aware of over the past several months, is that just as my fashion choices can affect my state of mind, it also greatly impacts all the hands that help to create it as well as our environment. Fashion and accessories brands are taking note. With a greater understanding of materials and methods, we are seeing an innovative and hopeful shift in the momentum of creativity and production. Brands both large and small are embracing responsible fashion through various measures. They are finding inspiration in new eco-friendly fibers or designing with the creative reuse of existing materials through upcycling. Some are shifting towards a return to slow and sustainable fashion production, resulting in greater quality and longer life. Consideration for the well-being of the makers and the impact to our planet are also being given greater priority. 

There is a shift occurring, a 'sartorial renaissance' is what I like to call it. Creativity, responsible design and ethical production are intertwining and it is giving way to brighter days. 

So, let's go on and play dress-up — responsibly.

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  • Elisabetta: March 01, 2022

    Been reading quite a lot about fashion and sustainability lately. It’s definitely had an impact on my purchasing choices. Glad to discover another brand (and so beautiful too)!

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